Via Sostaga,19 - 25084 Navazzo di Gargnano
(Brescia) Garda - Lake Garda- Italy
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A selection of raw ham: Culaccia ham with Cervia salt, Iberic ham and cured (20 months) Parma ham served with strawberries, red onions, rose pepper compote and toasted pan brioche flavored with vanilla Bourbon   € 16,00

Duck breast on a bed of “puntarelle” salad with balsamic vinegar and green apple sauce   € 15,00

Smoked eel on a bed of spring aromatic salad with soya and ginger mayonnaise  € 15,00

Steamed pike with creamed cannellini beans, orange chutney and toasted nuts  € 14,00

Grilled scallops with raw green asparagus and tangerine with sour cream  € 16,00

Red sea fish soup with Pachino tomatoes, basil and toasted garlic bread  € 16,00

Quiche with small purple artichokes and thyme with Tuscan ewe’s cheese D.O.P. fondue   € 14,00

First courses

Bigoli drawn through bronze with duck ragout and cocoa beans flavored with mountain thyme € 14,00

Homemade tortelloni stuffed with polenta and mountain Bagoss cheese served with  foaming butter and sage € 14,00

Carnaroli rice from the Pavese area with black truffle from Norcia creamed with butter from the mountains (minimum 2 people) € 18,00

Potato gnocchi with sautéed violet artichokes and julienne of grilled squids € 15,00

Bronze drown Maccheroncini served with morsels of pike from lake Garda, roasted peppers and Leccino olives € 19,00

Main courses

Casoncelli stuffed with savoy cabbage and semi-hard Tombea cheese on purple potato cream soup € 15,00

Carnaroli rice from Pavese with natural lemons from lake Garda area and slices of smoked char with crispy strips of leeks € 18,00

Broad black homemade tagliatelle with roasted cuttlefish and “friarielli” salad  € 15,00

Homemade eliche pasta with fish from the lake, fresh peas, mint leaves and strips of roasted almond flakes € 14,00

Homemade maccheroncini  with strips of Iberico ham and bianchetto truffle € 16,00

Fresh tomato and basil cream soup with buffalo mozzarella and bread croutons flavored with oregano  € 14,00

Fish dishes

Baked wild sea bass with Jerusalem artichokes puree and braised shallot tatin  € 25,00

The catch of the day "dishes prepared daily depending on the generosity of our lake”  € 22,00

Turbot grilled steaks with pan fried artichokes and “cardoncelli” mushrooms with green sauce € 25,00

Meat dishes

Beef fillet in red Port sauce on a bed of red chicory confit from Treviso and potatoes flavored with malt  € 26,00

Loin of lamb cooked at low temperature with baked purple aubergines and sautéed potatoes flavored with rosemary  € 25,00

Veal cheeks cooked lightly with potatoes and Leccino olives gratin  € 24,00